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LIVE Stream During "Quarantine"

All classes streamed via Zoom link
Meeting ID: 672 261 8432  |  Password: 06851
Class schedule below.

Membership fees are paused. If you enjoy a class and wish to support your yogi guides, here’s how you can do that.

For Alzbeta Peskova  |  Venmo: Alzbeta-Peskova  |  PayPal:
For Edi May Macri  |  Venmo: Edimay-Macri  |  PayPal:
For Barbara Apuzzo  |  Venmo: barbara-apuzzo-1  |  PayPal:
For Olivia Anselmo  |  Venmo: Olivia-Anselmo  |  PayPal:
For Lauren Sussman  |  Venmo: laursuss
For Dan Markowitz  |  Venmo: Dan-Markowitz-3


Download or Print this Month’s Bikram Yoga & Hot Pilates Calendar