Stress Relief and Balance in our Hot Yin Yoga Classes

Restorative and Deep Work for your Mind, Body, and Soul

Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m., Norwalk, CT

Unwind From the Grind With This Restorative Practice

Move out of Fight or Flight

Yin yoga is all about taking it slow and listening to your body. Because we stay in positions for 2 - 5 minutes each, your body moves from fight-or-flight mode to operating in the sympathetic nervous zone after 60 minutes of stillness rather than effort.

Fully Feel Your Emotions

Our busy-ness and constant connectedness means we forget to listen to our bodies and our minds. With long moments of silence as you stay in poses, you can get in touch with what your mind and body is saying to you. And this is a safe space for emotions.

Rest in Stillness

Sitting still for more than 30 seconds can feel boring. But if you stick with it in our Yin yoga classes, you move past boredom and into relaxation like you've never experienced before. This is the break you need to bring out the best in you!


I'm a beginner so when I hear those cues every time I go, I find all the modifications or adjustments I can do, and each class I learn something new.



The teachers are very helpful in adjusting you and helping you advance your practice.



I remember when I first started Bikram. You go in there thinking it's going to be a breeze because it's not high intensity. I think every first-timer is shocked at just how challenging it is. But 90 minutes later, you feel like a million bucks. That's why I keep coming back.



I saw yogis who were really flexible, and I was nervous to go because I felt like I wasn't good enough to do it. Trying yoga for the first time, you have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone. Be willing to make mistakes. If you do something consistently, you'll get better at it. Every single day you'll see progression.



After struggling through it, about an hour after class, I felt so amazing. Then I was addicted.


Get Results

Now that you’re ready for your first class, what happens next? Your body is ready for results.

After your first class, you’re likely to be sore. You have awakened muscles you are not used to using. Your body is breaking down tissue and rebuilding muscle. As this part of your body awakens, other stiffness and pain from old injuries starts to disappear.

Bikram practice is a moving meditation. Focusing your mind and energy on the poses frees your mind of anxiety, fear and negativity. Your practice may release emotions you have locked away. When you’re done, you’ll have a mental clarity you may not have experienced in a long time.

Bikram Yoga is a major stress reliever. It’s like a refueling for the soul. At the end of class, you will be exhausted. After your practice, you’ll feel stronger and more flexible. You’ll sleep better and wake up with more energy to give the world your best.