Reopening FAQs

Yes! We re-opened on Friday, June 19th. The studio is open to everyone with current memberships including new students who purchase single classes and memberships.

Many of you have been signing up for in-studio classes since we re-opened, so you already know what to do. For most people, your username is the email you registered with. If you need to reset your password, try to do it on your own with the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the login page.

If the "Forgot Your Password?" link does not work for you, please email and we will send you a "password reset" email. If the system is asking you to pay, and you know you have an active membership, you probably created a new account that doesn’t have your package associated. If that happens, email us and we will fix your account(s).

The best way to be sure you get your spot in a class is to reserve your class online. If you are having trouble with our system, we can help. Just be aware that we do not have the capability to monitor our email 24 hrs a day, but we will get back to you as quickly as we can. If you wait on an email response from us, it is possible that classes may fill up with online reservations.

PLEASE PRACTICE BOOKING AND CANCELLING CLASSES NOW!  STARTING JULY 15TH THERE WILL BE FEES IF YOU DON’T SHOW OR CANCEL WITHIN 2 HOURS. (Unless you are sick.) Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class and no later than 5 minutes before class. Your spot may be given away to a walk-in if you're late. 

Because we are taking extra precautions with cleaning and making sure classes do no overlap, we are observing abbreviated Savasana at the end of each class for only 3 minutes.

Everyone must leave the studio 15 minutes after each class so we can institute our cleaning protocol. Those who want to change in the restroom after class may do so, staying mindful there may be a line. The vision is you exit immediately after class or change quickly in the restroom to minimize interactions. Thanks for understanding.

We understand some of our members are not ready to come back to in-person classes at this time. We are offering a limited number of LiveStream classes online. Our virtual schedule is like our studio schedule, ever-evolving. The most updated schedule can always be found on our classes page here on our website. 

Definitely! We’ve created an extensive cleaning routine and sanitizing procedures for our team. 

The entire studio is equipped with three Reme-Halo air purifying systems -- two in the yoga studio itself and one in the lobby/locker room areas. This system continually cleans the air by eliminating indoor air pollutants: particulates, microbial and gases. It has been tested on airborne and surface bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, e-Coli and Norwalk. Visit the REME Halo webiste to learn more.

We have also programmed the exhaust system to exhaust the practice room and bring in outside air on regular intervals. It is the combination of all of these systems: air purification, exhaustion, enhanced cleaning protocols and face covering that we hope will keep students and staff as safe as possible. 

Everyone will enter the studio with a face mask/covering that must remain on until you are on your mat practicing yoga/pilates. For yoga, you should keep your mask on through the first breathing exercise. If you need to leave your mat to go to the restroom etc, you must put your mask/shield back on. Staff will teach in a face shield or mask.

Some classes are similar some are not. We are in an evolving situation and will continue to add classes based on attendance and the availability of the support team. Please check our class schedule online for constant updates.

We have set up the room with 17 student spaces, and each have at least 6 feet between practitioners. Please place the top left corner of your mat on the dots. Please come to the studio dressed and ready for class. 

As we evolve our LiveStream schedule, some in-studio classes will be recorded live. Check the class schedule, as they will be identified as LiveStream on the schedule. By attending those classes, you agree that you may inadvertently be recorded as you practice.

Unfortunately, there are no mat and equipment rentals at this time. We have travel mats for sale for $12. We will continue to rent regular towels for $2 and yogitoes for $3. Each towel and yogitoe has been laundered between uses.

You are required to wear a mask everywhere in the studio. You are also required to have a face covering during the first and final breathing exercises and anytime you are breathing through your mouth (sit-ups come to mind). If masks are too confining, we recommend face shields. 

If you are sick, coughing, sniffling, have a fever or don’t feel well, stay at home. Wear a face covering. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you arrive. Come dressed and ready to practice to ensure easy check-in for class. Cough or sneeze into your elbow.

Practice social distancing of at least 6 feet around the studio and be ready to leave right after class. Avoid touching surfaces or items unless necessary.

Once you pick up your belongings (yoga mat, towels, etc.) from inside the practice space after class, please be careful not to touch another person. Avoid stepping over other practitioners when leaving the studio and mind any dripping items. Please plan to properly wash and sanitize your personal items including your mat at home or outside the studio.

We are a social yoga community! And we love being together. However, at this time, we are asking all members to arrive between 10 and 15 minutes before class time. We need time for the class before you to completely exit the building, so we can thoroughly clean and sanitize the studio for you.  We will open doors 15 minutes before class time. You will come in wearing your mask, following social distance floor markers to verbally check in, use hand sanitizer and proceed to your mat spot.

When weather permits, saying your hellos and good-byes outside in the fresh air is best.

Pre-paying online or having an active membership is required to reserve for class. Walk-ins are allowed in class only after the reserved members have arrived, usually 5 minutes before class. We strongly urge you to check on to see how many spaces are unreserved if you are planning to walk in. 

No-showing is taking a spot from another yogi and will result in No Show Fees starting July 15, 2020. Practice signing up and registering now. If you call or email to cancel, please note that we may not receive your message in time to take you out of class. The best thing to do is cancel the same way you reserve, online.

To give everyone a chance to practice, we are limiting in-studio classes to 1 per day. There is no limit on livestream classes. Make sure you reserve at least 2 days in advance, so we get a good handle on the schedule we should have.

You may register 14 days in advance. This encourages all students to only register for classes they can commit to attend.