Mint Aromatherapy: Boost Your Mood and Improve Your Yoga Practice

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Are you a fan of reducing stress and feeling calmer on a daily basis?

One way to do that is through aromatherapy. Combine that with some yoga, and you’ll sure to be feeling really zen throughout your entire day and into the night.

This guide will walk you through mint aromatherapy benefits. Keep reading to learn more about how it can help and what it can do when paired with yoga.

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a holistic and natural approach to better well-being through different types of plant extracts. It has been known to help with the physical, mental, and overall well-being of humans for years.

You use essential oils to create aromatherapy. You can add these essential oils to a diffuser or use droplets on your skin or clothing. Aromatherapy can be done in office settings, at home, or anywhere else.

There are many types of aromatherapy, from lavender to eucalyptus and everything in between.

Mint Aromatherapy Benefits

While there are a lot of different benefits to the various types of aromatherapies, mint has a lot of benefits that can be used on a daily basis. Here are just a few of the many aromatherapy mint oil benefits.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Mint has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with muscle improvement and relaxation. It can also help to clear your nasal passages because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This will help you breathe better and feel less congested as well.

Stimulate Circulation

Mint can also help to stimulate circulation. Since poor circulation can cause so many other problems, getting your circulation back on track will help keep you healthier. With better circulation comes better blood flow to ensure you are getting maximum oxygen everywhere it needs to go in your body.

Relieve Anxiety

Mint oil aromatherapy can help relieve anxiety because it can reduce any tension you feel that you are carrying around with you. It relaxes your muscles, which makes you physically feel less anxious.

If you consume mint tea along with some mint aromatherapy, you can feel even more stress relief.

More Alert

While mint aromatherapy can calm you down, it can also help you feel more alert. If you wake up feeling groggy or extra tired, using some mint aromatherapy can wake you up to feel more alert throughout the day.

The fresh scent enters your nose, gets the blood flowing, and helps with being more alert.

Relieves Headaches

Do you suffer from migraines or headaches?

Mint can help with that.

While mint won’t cure your headaches for good or be able to combat every single one of them, using mint aromatherapy can be beneficial in combination with other techniques to get rid of headaches.

This can be partly attributed to the fact that mint relieves tension, so the looser your muscles are, the better circulation you will get to bring oxygen to your brain to possibly help with the headache.

Cooling Effects

While mint can’t actually cool you off, it can make you feel cooler. The properties of mint have menthol which creates a cooling effect in your body.

So if it’s hot, using mint aromatherapy can be beneficial to keep your body feeling more regulated!

Improve Your Mood

Using mint as aromatherapy can help boost your mood. Couple that with doing some other stress-relieving activities, like yoga, and you’ll feel an instant mood boost.

Get Better Sleep

You may be wondering how mint can help you sleep better if it also can energize you. That’s the best part about mint as an essential oil. It has so many varying benefits.

With the ability to relax your muscles, reduce anxiety, and calm you down, you can get to sleep easier.

Get in a Powerful Workout

What better way to use aromatherapy than to get in a good workout? Mint can help with your workout by:

  • Relaxing your respiratory muscles for easier breathing
  • Improving your brain oxygen concentration
  • Lowering your blood lactate levels
  • Boosting your energy metabolism

And, of course, when you’re done working out, the mint helps everything smell great again!

How Aromatherapy Can Benefit Your Yoga Practice

As you can see, mint aromatherapy benefits are plentiful. But it doesn’t stop there. You can combine mint aromatherapy with yoga to gain even more benefits.

As you move your body with yoga, you are already benefiting from it through better circulation, improving your mood, and relieving anxiety. Combine that with mint aromatherapy, and you’ll have even better muscle tension relief, especially with mint’s anti-inflammatory effects.

Combing the two together can make both work for you better than they would alone.

Why Choose Yoga Sol?

At Yoga Sol, one of our teachers, Lauren Sussman has been using mint aromatherapy at the end of every class for years. She ends each of her classes with a cool, minty towel. It’s a member favorite!

Lauren provides an amazing experience during class and after! Not only will the minty towel cool you off, but you will end your class with even more benefits. You’ll savasanna while reducing tension, improving your mood, and recharging your energy.

Mint Aromatherapy Benefits Everyday Life and Yoga

Combing mint aromatherapy with yoga can have so many benefits to your yoga practice and to your health.

At Yoga Sol, our teachers always provide special ways to enhance your fitness and wellness journey. Lauren combines two powerful practices that can help with your mental and physical wellbeing – yoga and mint aromatherapy.

Ready to take a class with us or come to an event? You can schedule a class with Lauren on our site to experience the benefits of yoga and mint aromatherapy today.

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