Calming Surrender in Seated Head to Knee Pose

Bikram class participants in sitting head to knee pose

When a pose like the Seated Head to Knee Pose encourages introspection and a calm mind, I connect to my yoga practice more than ever.  Seated head to knee pose is one of the final poses in the 26 & 2 class. It definitely provides the expected physical benefits. The pose deeply stretches the hamstrings…

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The Wonders of the Wind Removing Pose (Pavanamuktasana)

Bikram Yoga Class in Wind Removing Pose on backs with knees to chest

Raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled with digestive issues right before an important event. Perhaps you were going to meet your partner’s parents for the first time or getting ready to sit in another grueling meeting at work.  We’ll be the first to say that holding in gas is uncomfortable. However, letting it out…

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Corpse Pose: Rest and Recover

Class laying in Savasana or Corpse pose in bikram class

In our busy, fast-paced lives, it’s easy to get swept away by our thoughts, feelings, and endless responsibilities. But what if we could find a way to slow down, turn down the volume, and just be still like you see when someone performs Corpse Pose in yoga class. You know, the pose where you lay…

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Yoga for Your Menstrual Cycle

Tina laying in Savasana after hot yoga class

The final days of my menstrual cycle… I lay on the floor in Savasana, wiped out. The sweat rolled off my entire body. And yet I felt embraced by the weight of the heat and humidity. In that moment, I knew day 1 of my menstrual cycle would be the next day or possibly the…

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Toe Stand: Embrace the Challenge

Bikram Yoga pose 12 Toe Stand

Remember playing hopscotch as a kid? One foot up, a quick hop, and a burst of laughter when we toppled over. The funny thing is, we didn’t realize it then, but those moments were our first introductions to Bikram yoga. Fast forward to now, and say hello to the adult version of that game! The…

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Tree Pose: Standing Tall and Steady

bikram yoga pose 11 tree pose

Trees have a serene presence – something I think about when practicing the Tree Pose or Vrikshasana. Trees stand tall, staying balanced even when powerful winds try to knock them down. Likewise, when we face our own winds in life, there’s always a spot waiting for us on the mat where we can regain our…

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Bend and Stretch: Standing Separate Head to Knee Pose

bikram yoga pose 10 standing separate head to knee

Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Janushirasana, or Standing Separate Head to Knee Pose, may feel like you’re in a spontaneous game of Twister on your yoga mat, but your body is actually working on stretching and strengthening. This posture, along with others, is about exploring your mind, body, and spirit. It’s perfectly okay if you can’t get the…

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Triangle Pose: Your Path to Stability and Mindfulness

bikram yoga pose 9 triangle pose

Picture this – you’re standing at the edge of a cliff, arms wide open, with the sun kissing your face. The waves crash below, as the wind whispers secrets to the trees. This is what the triangle yoga pose, or Trikonasana, feels like: a moment of freedom, strength, and deep connection. Translated from Sanskrit, Trikonasana…

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Balancing Stick Pose: A Journey to Inner Balance

bikram yoga pose 7 balancing stick

Ever watched a surfer riding the waves? Maybe it looks easy, but behind the gracefulness, is a whole lot of balance, patience, and practice. The Balancing Stick Pose, or Tuladandasana, is kind of like surfing your yoga mat.  Translated from Sanskrit, Tuladandasana means “balancing on a stick.” It asks us to stand strong and steady…

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Spine Twisting Pose – The Ultimate Journey

Bikram yoga class in twisting spine pose

Could Spine Twisting Pose be the pinnacle of the practice? Answering that question is certainly a matter of opinion. And my opinion is that yes, it could very well be the pinnacle of the hot yoga practice. Well, except perhaps for Corpse Pose. But I digress. Spine Twisting Pose is the only pose in the…

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