VO2 Max, a Longer Life, and Hot Yoga – What’s the Correlation?

HIIT class increasing cardio fitness

Can VO2 max predict a longer life? Everyone wants to live longer, look younger, and feel better. We’ve been searching for the elixir of life since before de Leon’s expedition for the fountain of youth. If the medieval alchemists ever succeeded, we’ve since lost the knowledge. However, science has helped us discover we have the…

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Top 7 Benefits of Practicing Pilates

HIIT Pilates Class Side Plank

If you like fun and fast ways to get and stay fit, we’ve got a power-packed treat for you. Our pilates classes fit almost any lifestyle. AND the best part – we keep them fun, fast-paced, and calorie-burning. Whether you’re a parent, workaholic or simply someone who doesn’t move their body as much as you’d…

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5 Reasons You Need a Yoga Posture Clinic

A yoga posture clinic? Who needs that? In our current electronic society, it’s rare for someone to intuitively understand and practice proper posture and body alignment. We’re constantly hunched over desks. Sitting all day. Looking down at our mobile devices. All of theses activities can lead to poor posture and poor alignment. In many cases,…

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Why We Believe in Setting Intentions Before Yoga and Pilates

rabbit pose - sasangasana

Aside from helping you improve flexibility, relieve pain, and have a healthier heart, yoga has amazing benefits for your mental and psychological wellbeing. In fact, yoga practice can lead to a decrease in anxiety and depression after just a few months. However, setting intentions when practicing yoga is one of the most important things you can…

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7 Reasons Arriving Early to Hot Yoga Class Benefits You

hot yoga class checkin

Everyone knows the early bird gets the worm. But that doesn’t necessarily apply to hot yoga class. And here’s why. The concept of the early bird getting the worm makes it seem like there’s only one worm. Like there’s a supply issue with a resource you need. So, you have to arrive early. And that…

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Practice Like the GOAT Tom Brady, Using His TB12 Principles

There’s no argument, Tom Brady is one of the greatest athletes of all time. In his new book The TB12 Method, the GOAT shares his method for a lifetime of high performance. Digging into the book, we realized Tom Brady’s TB12 principles can benefit every yoga participant too. Here are some of our favorite principles…

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Benefits of Acupressure Therapy to Your Yoga Practice

acupressure for feet

In a world full of stresses and strains, self-care routines are more important than ever. Beneficial for the mind, body and soul, self-care can also prevent a wide range of physical and mental health issues. It can also enhance energy and general day-to-day feelings of contentment and well-being. Self-care can take many forms, with many activities that…

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How Not to Die With a Daily Yoga Routine

Any fans of Dr. Gregor’s book, How Not to Die? While it’s mostly about nutrition, Dr. Gregor does also cite scientific studies about exercise. In his health framework, he makes science-based recommendations for how exercise can help you lose weight and extend your life. So, where does a daily yoga routine figure into the equation?…

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