5 Reasons Yoga is the Perfect Last Minute Holiday Gift

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"Best hot yoga studio ever!"
- Jason H, Old Greenwich

Last minute holiday gift ideas are a must for the under-prepared, the busy, the procrastinators, and the less creative types. Let’s face it. Even the most prepared among us sometimes just miss a name on the list until we check it twice. I’m lookin’ at you, Santa.

I remember the days when it was cool, even fun, to walk through the mall the week before Christmas. Do malls even exist anymore?

Well, when they did, many of my favorite people ended up with the usual suspects from Brookstone, Bath & Body Works, and Yankee Candle. Remember those cherry blossom scented holidays?

Now we do most of our shopping online. And I think I may have missed the last notice about ordering for delivery before the holidays. Gone are the days of stopping by the closest Books-a-Million on your way to the holiday party, grabbing a book you hope the receiver would like to read.

That’s why I always love when there’s an opportunity to buy now, get now, wrap now, give now. 😊 Those are the perfect options for those last minute holiday gifts.

If you’re checking your list twice these last few days leading up to festivities…AND you find there’s someone on your list who was overlooked…here are 5 reasons why we think yoga could be the perfect last minute holiday gift.

1. Skip the Long Holiday Lines!

I went to Target the other day. Normally, at this particular time, there are hardly any lines. But not this day! The line was backed up all the way to the food section. The carts were full to the brim with stocking stuffers, appliances, and all kinds of other holiday goodies. So, I turned around and walked back out.

Apparently, everyone was last minute holiday gift shopping. And they were willing to wait for 20 – 30 minutes (maybe longer!) to check out. I just wanted some deodorant. Not worth waiting in the long lines, amiright? (Okay, maybe you prefer I do, but I have enough to tide me through this Yule Tide season.)

If you buy a YogaSol gift certificate online, you can make your purchase in the cozy privacy of your own home, and it will only take about 5 minutes.

Here’s How:

a. You click this BUY link.
b. You choose how much you want to spend.
c. A link to download your gift card is sent directly to your email where you can print it (or send it electronically) and gift it right away!

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2. Me time is glee time.

It’s exactly the feeling the other reindeer had when Rudolph saved Christmas that foggy winter’s night. That’s the kind of feeling yoga can give. And who doesn’t want that kind of feeling during the holiday season.

So, gift one of your favorite people with some glee time when they use their yoga gift certificate.

3. It’s consumable.

Every Christmas there’s a slew of new things coming into my house. I have to find somewhere to put them or display them. But the secret to a few of my favorite things are consumables. They’re only with me for a little while, and when they’re used, they’re gone. It makes my minimalist heart smile.

A merry holiday season for your minimalist friends is made up of experiences or things that can be used up vs things that add to our already cluttered lives. A yoga experience stays out of the house and inside the soul.

Get the Gift that Keeps Giving

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4. It’s personal.

If you know someone who’s serious about their mental and physical wellbeing, this gift says, “I know you,” much better than that regifted cheese tray. A yoga gift certificate says you care about what they care about. And you get it’s important. Tell them, “go ahead, take that time, I understand what’s important to you!”

5. Great for every kind of fitness.

And finally, we get it. Every person is different. Even if they prioritize health and wellness, your people might be discriminant.

Well, the great thing about YogaSol is we have classes to fit every fitness style out there. From HIIT to weights to cardio to stretching, detoxing, enlonging, pliability, muscle etching. There’s a class for all bodies, all injuries, all ages, all goals, all souls, and all fitness stages.

If there’s one thing we’ve found about YogaSol classes, it’s people practice a few times and then they’re hooked on our passes.

So, if you’re still looking for that perfect last minute holiday gift, grab a YogaSol gift certificate. Be quick. Make it swift. Because festivities are coming, there’s no way to stop it. But we’ve got you covered with the best gift on the market.

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Want a gift for your favorite yogi, but you’re looking for more than a gift card? Come by the studio. We have merch!

Already a practicing member? Make sure you check out our holiday schedule!

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