5 Reasons to Attend a Community Class

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"Best hot yoga studio ever!"
- Jason H, Old Greenwich

Community class and trying new things…

I remember doing all kinds of new things as a kid. Riding a bike. Roller skating. Crossing the monkey bars. And I loved it. As a kid, most things are new anyway. And before a certain age, everyone is new at it, so it doesn’t seem unusual to give something new a try.

But trying new things as an adult feels more risky. Sometimes it feels more self-conscious. Will I look silly doing this? Am I able to do this? (At least without falling on my face…) Am I good at doing this? The stakes feel higher.

However, did you know that trying new things is healthy for you?

Benefits of trying new things

That’s right! Trying new things can improve your health.

Keep the blues at bay

New experiences are good for our mental health. Why is that? They serve as a kind of pattern interrupt to our ho-hum routines. If you’ve been a little blue, and you are following the same routine day-in and day-out, you might be able to lift your mood with a change-up. Trying a new thing can take us out of our rut and put us on a new path to a more healthy outlook for our future.

Keep our memories sharp

While our brains aren’t muscle, they need continued challenge to thrive. When we try a new thing, it activates our minds to make new pathways and connections. New pathways help you process new information faster. It can help you see patterns you might have previously missed. And it keeps your mind practicing HOW to do these kinds of activities.

Increase Your Confidence

When we try new things, and we succeed, we know we CAN do new things! Embracing fear and doing something anyway releases all sorts of healthy endorphins. So we feel great in the moment while we’re achieving something new. But what’s more, we increase our confidence to try new things in the future as well. Because when we try something new that we’re not sure we can do, and the WORST doesn’t happen, we grow more confident that we can do more things in the future. And that bad things won’t happen. On the contrary, we underscore the fact that good things will happen! And that makes us more confident to try something new again.

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Trying Community Class at Yogasol

If you’ve been around our Yoga and Pilates studio this summer and fall, you know we hosted teacher training, taught by Olivia Anselmo. We invited many of you to enjoy our posture classes with us!

And now it’s time for our teachers in training to make their yoga teaching debut.

You got it. They’re trying something new. And because doing new things as an adult can feel a bit intimidating, we’d love for you to come out to the studio and cheer them on.

Join us for one of our upcoming community classes, starting January 8th, where our newly trained teachers will lead us in our yoga practice.

Support Our New Teachers

Attend a Community Class

Here are 5 reasons it’s a great idea to give a community class a try, even if it’s your first time doing yoga.

  1. Support New Teachers.

    Whether you’re already a practicing member of this yoga community or not, our new teachers would love your support. To offer the best class experience, yoga teachers need practice teaching groups of all sizes. If you want a strong yoga community in the Norwalk, CT, area, you can help us grow a strong teacher group. Plus, it’s just good jiu-jiu to support adults who are doing new things. When it’s your turn, we believe you’ll reap the support in spades.

  2. Invite Friends.

    Who doesn’t love hanging out with their besties doing something that’s good for you AND the community? Well, this is an easy, affordable way for your group to get together and have fun! Our community classes cost less than a movie ticket. And it’s way more healthy than sitting around and eating popcorn and milk duds. Get your group together for a fun new challenge. You’ll 💯 earn your dinner after!

  3. Preview the studio.

    If you’ve been thinking about coming to YogaSol, but you haven’t done it yet, now is the perfect chance! For a fraction of the cost of a regular class, you can see what all the fuss is about. We have state of the art facilities with a locker room that will make you swoon. Take a river rock shower after your practice. You’ll go home and sleep like a baby. Our heat and humidity is second to none in the area. And we always get 5 stars for how clean we keep things here.

  4. Meet new yoga enthusiasts.

    Long time YogaSol members, unite! Here’s your opportunity to meet new members of the Norwalk community who might be interested in hot yoga. If you’ve ever wanted to become a yogi to others, this is your chance. Community classes typically attract new members of the community to our classes. This is your chance to welcome and embrace new yoga enthusiasts to our crew!

  5. Get to know the YogaSol community.

    We know you’ve all help us create something extra special here at YogaSol. Our members have the best hearts, encourage others to be their best, and welcome everyone. If you’ve never experienced a community of people who champion your health and wellness, this is your chance. Come see why a couple of classes with our YogaSol community lead to an enthusiasm for yoga for the rest of your life.

We live to practice in community together. And we’re all about supporting our people. Our community class is the perfect opportunity for you to support new things and see what YogaSol is all about.

Find our community classes in our schedule, starting January 8. Can’t wait to see you on the mat!

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