Balancing Stick Pose: A Journey to Inner Balance

bikram yoga pose 7 balancing stick

Ever watched a surfer riding the waves? Maybe it looks easy, but behind the gracefulness, is a whole lot of balance, patience, and practice. The Balancing Stick Pose, or Tuladandasana, is kind of like surfing your yoga mat.  Translated from Sanskrit, Tuladandasana means “balancing on a stick.” It asks us to stand strong and steady…

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Spine Twisting Pose- The Ultimate Journey

Bikram yoga class in twisting spine pose

Could Spine Twisting Pose be the pinnacle of the practice? Answering that question is certainly a matter of opinion. And my opinion is that yes, it could very well be the pinnacle of the hot yoga practice. Well, except perhaps for Corpse Pose. But I digress. Spine Twisting Pose is the only pose in the…

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Standing Bow Pose: The Art of Elegance

Bikram yoga pose 6 standing bow

As elegant looking as a prima ballerina or primo ballerino, the Standing Bow Pose can be breathtaking when performed correctly. Also known as Dandayamana-Dhanurasana, this popular yoga posture, a favorite among many, requires great balance, flexibility, and strength.  Essentially a standing backbend, this Bikram posture has several benefits for the body and mind. Even if…

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Eagle Pose: Bringing More Balance to Your Body

woman in full eagle pose during bikram practice

Fly like an eagle, or at least stand like one! Whether you think Steve Miller Band or Seal sang it better, one thing is for sure, they weren’t talking about Bikram Yoga! The eagle pose, also known as Garudasana, is quite still, unlike the soar of our national bird. As a result, this pose takes…

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Awkward Pose: the Benefits of Warming up With Chair Pose

Awkward Pose pose 3 of bikram yoga

Hot yoga is about to get a little awkward!  Remember the first time you attended yoga class and felt awkward because everyone was staring at you?  Newbie jitters can be uncomfortable and feel a bit isolating at first, but chances are others were way too focused on themselves to notice your epic yoga moves anyways.…

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Does Yoga Actually Reduce Frailty as you age?

Yoga studio owner Dan Markowitz in camel pose

Yoga reduces frailty, says researchers… When we were kids, we used to dream what we would be when we grew up. I don’t know about you, but once I reached my 30s and 40s, I figured I had grown up. I look ahead a year or maybe 5 in advance, and that’s about it. But what if…

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Mastering the Half-Moon Pose

Ah, yes, the Ardha Chandrasana. You’re here because you want to get a grasp on the Half-Moon Pose. Thankfully, you needn’t tread any further. We’ll help walk you through all of the steps and ways to approach the Half-Moon Pose so you can get the most out of it! Do not feel discouraged if, at…

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5 Reasons to Attend a Community Class

Community class and trying new things… I remember doing all kinds of new things as a kid. Riding a bike. Roller skating. Crossing the monkey bars. And I loved it. As a kid, most things are new anyway. And before a certain age, everyone is new at it, so it doesn’t seem unusual to give…

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Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose

teacher performing the standing separate leg stretching pose

Is the Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose a cure for sitting? Most of us sit for the majority of the day. That keeps our hamstrings contracted for hours on end. And you’ll know you have tight hammies the minute you try to bend down and touch your toes. That’s why the best workouts focus on…

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