Implementing New CDC Mask Guidance for Fitness Establishments

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About those new CDC guidelines on masks…

The governor has announced, effective Wednesday, May 19th, the state of CT is easing restrictions on wearing masks in public, following the new CDC guidelines.

So what does this mean for members of YogaSol?
We’re excited to announce we will be following the new CDC and State of CT guidance for our members practicing at YogaSol.

Safety and Confidence
While the new guidance is more relaxed, we want you to feel safe and confident practicing. We assure all of our members that we will practice and expect respect for one another as each person decides how to practice with the implementation of the new guidelines.

We ask everyone to remember, some members are not able to have the vaccine for medical or other reasons. There are other members who have chosen not to have the vaccine.

We also have members who will choose to continue wearing their mask or face shield even after completing their vaccine because that is more comfortable or out of respect for those who are not vaccinated.

Whatever your personal choice, there will not be questions, and there will be no judgement here at YogaSol.

FULLY VACCINATED Classes are Still Available
We will continue providing our FULLY VACCINATED classes. Only members and teachers who have completed their vaccination and can provide their vaccination card will be allowed to practice in our FULLY VACCINATED classes. To find a FULLY VACCINATED class, check out our class schedule. To participate in a FULLY VACCINATED class, submit your vaccination card here or bring it to the studio before the class starts.

If you’ve already submitted your vaccination card, we have those on file, and you will be eligible to practice.

All Teachers Will Wear Masks
Whether vaccinated or not, our teachers will continue to wear a mask or face shield in all classes other than our FULLY VACCINATED classes. This is to ensure the comfort and safety of ALL members.

Partially Vaccinated and Non-vaccinated Members Should Wear Masks
Those who are FULLY VACCINATED, which means 2 weeks after receiving your final vaccination shot, may choose not to wear a mask, as we will continue reserved and distanced spacing in classes. The CDC advises partially vaccinated and non-vaccinated members to keep their masks on in public. Anyone may choose to wear a mask whether they are vaccinated or not.

As of August 6, 2021, we are requiring anyone who is not wearing a face covering to show proof of vaccination before entering the studio. See our reopening guidelines for why we’re making these changes here.

Maintaining Social Distance
The State of CT is advising everyone to maintain social distance in indoor settings. We will continue to monitor this advice. In the meantime, we will continue our practice of designated spots in the classroom.

Online Reservations
We encourage you to use our online reservation system, in order to make sure we have space for every member who wants to practice with us. You can scheduling classes online in advance.

Getting Back to it
We know everyone is ready to get “back to normal.” And we also recognize it might take time for everyone to feel comfortable without masks and face coverings. We respect everyone’s decision for personal safety and comfort as we all adjust to what’s next. We’ll keep you informed as we make changes according to guidance from the CDC and the state.

Thank you for continuing to practice at YogaSol with us!

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