What is HIIT and Why it’s Absolutely Powerful Training?

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If you want a highly efficient workout, HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is all the rage. So, what is HIIT? HIIT is where you push your limits in short bouts of time and repeat the routine for maximum results. Work. Sweat. Repeat. It’s powerful, and it comes with a slew of benefits. You have the option to try a variety of exercises with it, too. Here’s what you need to know:

HIIT Advantages

While HIIT can be challenging, there’s a lot you can leverage from high-intensity interval training. HIIT comes with the benefit of increasing your energy levels, increasing your metabolism, and saving time when you have a busy schedule. You also don’t need any particular equipment to take advantage of HIIT. These kinds of workouts also help strengthen your heart and regulate your blood sugar. You can also customize a HIIT workout to meet your exercise needs.

HIIT Yoga and Pilates? Say What?

HIIT isn’t just limited to jumping up and down and running at your fastest speeds. It can extend to exercises that build endurance and flexibility while incorporating cardio, such as yoga and pilates. One 2016 study indicated that certain positions used in standard and Bikram Yoga have the capability to mimic the cardio energy impact of a three-mile-per-hour walk.

What to Expect from a HIIT Yoga Class

When you go to a HIIT yoga or pilates class, you can expect calorie-blasting moves that work to simultaneously de-stress you and 3 handstands in HIIT yoga session energize you. You can expect 60 minutes of HIIT yoga or pilates led by a trained instructor to guide you through yoga and pilates moves that promote cardiovascular health, flexibility and strength. At YogaSol in Norwalk, CT, you can take advantage of our three walls of mirrors to perfect your form while you burst through the high-intensity exercises in a group setting. Quick yoga tips: Just drink plenty of water, wear comfortable clothes, and get ready to get fit.

Get Fit With HIIT Yoga

If you’re ready to save time during your workout while burning calories in a unique way, then check out what YogaSol has to offer. Take advantage of our HIIT classes to get your high-intensity interval training session. We offer morning, evening and weekend sessions. You can drop in for a class, go for a class pass or opt for unlimited classes for a month, 2 months, 6 months or a year. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure to get results and have fun.



Here’s what some of our clients are saying about this high intensity class!

Class was awesome! we called it “happy hour”!! ??? – Amy McNamara

I’m starting to see my husband’s ab muscles now after he’s been consistently taking Hot Hiit classes.


“Great sweat. Challenging and awesome workout. Good music.”


“Motivating instructor. Great class.”


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